Deep breathing exercises can definitely benefit a Virtual Assistant’s business growth. The healthier we become the more work we’ll get done! 😉

So let’s discuss this topic further…Another name for deep breath exercises is diaphragmatic breathing. This is because you are breathing via the diaphragm, instead of the chest.

What are the benefits of deep breathing?

You often hear about how good it is for the body, but a lot of people don’t know why. Here are 3 important reasons to start doing deep breathing exercises today:

1. Lowers stress

Deep breathing is very effective at reducing anxiety. This is the most advertised benefit, and it’s certainly one of the most important reasons to do this exercise. However, it’s not the only benefit you will get.

2. Physical conditioning

Most Virtual Assistants don’t realize that by doing these exercises during the course of their work day they can actually improve their physical conditioning. Some people have reported dramatic increases in endurance from this technique.

3. Reduced stomach fat

Most people aren’t aware of this, but deep breathing has also proven effective for fat loss.

However, what’s the right way to do deep breathing? If you look online, you can easily become confused by all the different techniques. Everybody seems to have their own variation. The truth is, there are many strategies that work. Generally, the best ones involve inhaling for two to four seconds, holding it for three to four seconds, and then exhaling for two to four seconds.

Some recommend exhaling explosively and fast, whereas others advocate drawing it out more. Others say you should not hold your breath that long, but almost immediately exhale. Again, the specific techniques are more a matter of personal preference.

The important thing is not so much which technique you use. Rather, it’s that you pick one and do it consistently.

How do you make it a habit?

Make sure you do the activity at a set time every day. This ensures it will get done. For instance, you might do it right before eating or going to bed. I set timers on my calendar to remind me while sitting at my office desk to do my breathing exercises as this seems to work best for me. Also doing it in conjunction with another event that’s already a part of your daily routine will remind you that it’s time to do the exercise.

Also, you might want to try it before a, particularly important event. This will help relax you. Oftentimes, when you get nervous you instinctively start breathing faster. To counter this, just do the deep breathing techniques.

Just remember that deep breathing isn’t a replacement for regular exercise. It needs to be used in conjunction with it.

So to sum up – just make sure you pick a technique and do it at the same time every day. The more you do it, the more benefits you will get. Improve your overall health through deep breathing techniques. 😉

What deep breathing technique do you recommend?

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