Hey there, Awesome Virtual Assistants!

It’s time to swap your coffee for a water bottle, push your chair back, and let’s get into something that’s going to spark joy not just in your work but in your wellness journey too. As a dedicated member of the Virtual Assistant community, you know we hustle hard. But today, let’s redirect some of that hustle towards something just as important – our fitness. And what better way to do that than with a challenge designed with you, the Virtual Assistant, in mind?

Welcome to Another Awesome Abs April Challenge Perfect for Virtual Assistants!

As virtual professionals, we often find ourselves glued to our desks, immersed in our digital tasks, and sometimes, our personal fitness takes a back seat. But guess what? April is the month we change that narrative, thanks to our Virtual Assistant Fitness Awesome Abs Challenge. My friend and fitness trainer Abby told us we could all join in!

Here are the core (pun intended) details we are VANA challenge you to:

  • Start Date: April 1. No procrastination allowed!
  • Routine: Engage with Monday to Friday workouts crafted to fit into your busy schedule, with weekends free for reflection or catch-ups.
  • Exclusive Access: This challenge is a special offering for Trainer In Your Back Pocket members (VANA members get 20% OFF so check your member perks page)

Facilitated by the remarkable fitness coach, Abby Malstrom, this fitness challenge is more than just about turning us into certified ab-icons. It’s about integrating movement into our daily routine, enhancing our productivity, and boosting our mental well-being.

Why This Challenge Is a Must for Every Virtual Assistant

In the Virtual Assistant world, physical fitness often gets overshadowed by deadlines and client needs. However, remember, a strong core equals a strong posture, which translates to more energy and efficiency in tackling those tasks.

Let’s Dive Deeper:

  1. Daily Doses of Fitness: Wake up to an email every weekday with a quick yet effective core workout video – think of it as your morning fitness espresso shot.
  2. Curated by the Best: Abby’s selection of workouts from over a decade in fitness ensures variety and effectiveness in every routine, accommodating every fitness level.
  3. Community Spirit: Engage with fellow virtual assistants and freelancers taking on the challenge. There’s power in numbers, especially when it comes to motivation and accountability

Your Path to Joining the Core Revolution 

Feeling pumped? Ready to embrace your strongest self this April? Here’s how to ensure you’re part of this transformative journey:

Sign Up: Solidify your commitment by signing up for the Awesome Abs Challenge here. It’s your first step towards a fitter, more energized you.

Not 100% Sure? If you’re on the fence, let’s start with baby steps. Drop your email here, and receive a sample core workout to get a taste of what’s to come.

As Virtual Assistants, we’re champions at managing tasks, deadlines, and everything in between. This April, let’s add ‘mastering our core strength’ to that list of achievements. This Virtual Assistant Fitness Awesome Abs Challenge isn’t just about getting those dream abs; it’s about setting a foundation for a healthier, more active lifestyle that enhances every aspect of our Virtual Assistant journey.

Are you ready to make April a landmark month for your fitness? Join the challenge with us, and let’s turn those  Virtual Assistant power hours into powerhouse fitness moments, one day at a time.

Here’s to stronger cores and even stronger commitments to our well-being!

Tawnya, Your VA Coach

P.S. Remember, this isn’t just about fitness; it’s about carving out time for you. Let’s do this together!

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